Epicness of December

Hey everyone,
So the title might make you want to read this. Or not :(. But now is the time you have to think about gift giving. Their is 2000 family’s or more each year that cannot have a Christmas. This holiday season I want you to give a gift to some one who needs it. Donate to a charity and get a picture of you donating. Post that picture on Instagram with hashtag kayleesepicdecember if you do you will get a special prize. So get going and do something good this holiday season!!!

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Oh October!

You would think because of Halloween the text color would be orange. But over here in America it is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Which means all the posts from this month are in pink. I wanna see you guys go pink! So on your blog post a picture of you going pink. The person (or group) that shows the most pink spirit will be on my homepage and my new Holiday Of the month!!!! Comment the link to your blog so I can check them out and Good luck!!

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Ask Me!

I feel like this comment is at almost all of my posts, “Sorry I have not written in a while, I have been soooo busy.” But, today I wanted to start with something new. You guys can ask me questions. It can be about anything, my hair color, eye color, my favorite color! It can be anything! You guys know I love being asked questions. And, I love to come on and see I have new comments. It kinda made me sad that I only have 55 comments :(. I would like to do something to get more comments. So go ahead and ask away!

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I know a while ago I had a post about music. But that was a while ago.   So now I am not really into pop I like country music. My favorite singers are Hunter Hayes, Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, Maranda Lambert, Jason Aldean,  Brad Paisly, and Blake Shelton.  You can tell that is all I listen to.  My favorite song is I want crazy, by Hunter Hayes. I really like how Pandora gives me upbeat songs and songs that make me cry.(ya I cry with some songs it is me, its my problem) What is your favorite song?

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Summer….almost over

Sorry I have not written in a while my summer has been so busy.  But As I look past on the last 2 months I think of how awesome this summer has been.  Before I know it, I will be in 7th grade! I just got back from camp. I learned Archery, swimming, Liquid Embroidery, I did arts and crafts and….I learned American sign language.  I learned to sign the pledge of allegiance, how to greet people , and a whole bunch of other stuff . My next post will have a video of The pledge of allegiance and the alphabet. It was Awesome. Keep Commenting!  Enjoy the rest of your summer, if it is summer where you are! 🙂

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New Page!

You might see near the top of my blog a page called Y.O.P. I know it may sound funny and weird but Y.O.P. stands for You Own Post.  Weekly I will check comments and write a post that someone has commented.  So check it out leave your name and the date.

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A Birthday Wish!

Hey Everyone,

My birthday is coming up and I am hoping Starting at 3:37 am on Sunday until 3:37 Sunday the next week, that I can get 50 comments.  The fiftieth commenter will get to write there on post.  I really hope this happens I have gotten 50 comments  from when I started this blog and I would like to have more action. So check out my blog, write some comments and you could be my 100th commenter and be able to write your own post.  Pease for my birthday I want to see all of you wonderful peoples comments. Thank you!


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Happy 4th of July!

Here in the USA we celebrate the birthday of our country, which is july fourth.  There is beautiful fireworks, bawn fires, cookouts, and so much more fun  activities for America’s birthday.


What did you do for America’s birthday?


If you are not from the USA, what do you do for your country’s birthday?

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